Gleanings from Orthodox Christian Authors and the Holy Fathers


'In the nights lift up your hands unto the holies, and bless the Lord '(Ps. 133:4 -LXX). Why does he say 'night'? To teach us not to spend it all in sleep, and to show that prayers are purer at that time when the mind is clearer and leisure more available. Now, if it was necessary to make one's way to the holy place at night, think what excuse would be gained by the one who does not even at home discharge the duty of prayer at that time. I mean, the inspired author lifts himself up from his bed and leads the way into the Temple, giving directions for the night to be spent there, whereas you are not even doing it in comfort at home. St. John Chrysostom, Commentary on the Psalms, Vol. II

Redeeming the Time

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