Gleanings from Orthodox Christian Authors and the Holy Fathers


It is not ours to say how the prophets see what they see; in fact it is impossible to explain by discourse the manner of their vision. That is only known clearly by one who has received it by experiences. If it is generally impossible to describe the actions and passions of nature, it is that much more so to describe the mode of activity of the Spirit. In the meantime, if it is appropriate to have recourse to imprecise images - not in aid of clarity, but to indicate an enigma, this would appear to be the case with the prophets; if limpid water receives rays from the sun it will be illuminated, so the soul of the prophets, first purified by their own virtue, receives the gift of the Spirit and, penetrated by that brightness, acquires knowledge of the future. St. John Chrysostom in "Isaiah Through the Ages" compiled by Johanna Manley

Redeeming the Time

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