Gleanings from Orthodox Christian Authors and the Holy Fathers


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My soul, now we observe these things. There are doors; let my soul not be at the doors; Let it be ready and at hand. It leaves nothing behind, Just as Christ said. As He foretold, all things will happen Famines and pestilence, And continuous earthquakes, And tribe upon tribe will be raised up. Fearful things within and without, Full of battles. It is not possible to be saved anywhere, For everywhere there is danger. Nowhere is there a refuge; there is flight by all men. The gate has been closed, Mercy has been sealed; For we were not chosen To be within the bridal chamber, we are Crying, 'Open.' St Romanos the Melodist - On the Ten Virgins II

While the Bridegroom tarried, they slumbered and slept: Give ear, ye prudent, to our Lord's parable, for it is all light. All of them slept, both the foolish and the wise -- Which signifies that the good and the wicked die until the resurrection. The same sleep comes upon the ten of them, which is as much as to say, That death is the same for all creation without distinction. One was the sleep of the wise and of the foolish, For one is death, both of the righteous and of sinners. The good die, as the wise virgins slept; And the bad die, as the foolish also slept. Behold, all creation looketh for the coming of the Bridegroom, Christ, Who cometh at the end with His angels. But since He hath tarried, all generations slumber and sleep With the sleep of death, while looking for when He cometh. A Homily on the Ten Virgins by Mar Jacob, Bishop of Serugh

Redeeming the Time

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