Gleanings from Orthodox Christian Authors and the Holy Fathers


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…The dogma about the infallibility of the pope is not only heresy, but panheresy…It is an unprecedented rebellion against the Godman Christ. REF:Fr Justin Popvitch +1979

All the more should this be happening now, when there is a discernible and lively interest on the part of the heterodox, particularly those of the West, in the Orthodox Church. But this gracious love which characterizes good zeal according to knowledge never forgets or overlooks the falsehood of heresy or who the heretics are, or, in this case, who the Pope of Rome is. St Nectarios of Aegina

Between Orthodoxy and Papism "there exists a great gulf." St Nectarios of Aegina

I adjure all the people in Cyprus who are true children of the Catholic Church to flee as fast as their feet can carry them from those priests who have fallen and submitted to the Latins; neither assemble in church with them, nor receive any blessing from their hands. For it is better for you to pray to God in your homes alone than to gather together in churches with the Latin-minded Germanos II, Patriarch of Constantinople, PG 140:620a

I am convinced that the further I depart from him [the Patriarch] and from those like him [the Latin-minded], the closer do I draw near God and all the faithful and the holy Fathers; and the more I am separated from them, by so much more am I united to the truth and the holy Fathers St. Mark of Ephesus, PG 160:536

We have excised and cut them [the Papists] off from the common body of the Church, we have, therefore, rejected them as heretics, and for this reason we are separated from them"; they are, therefore, heretics, and we have cut them off as heretics. St Mark of Ephesus

Redeeming the Time

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