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Did not the faithful Sarah, long ago, before her son Isaac was born, desire to give birth, even though she was sterile? She received the Lord in human form, along with two archangels; And His word to her on this occasion was: "You, Sarah, will have a child," Now, rejoicing, she Cries to the world: The barren woman gives birth to the Mother of God And the nurse of our life. St Romanos the Melodist - Vol. II: On the Nativity of the Virgin Mary

For today the Virgin Mother is born of a barren mother, and the palace of the Lord's advent is being decked out. Today the bonds of barrenness are loosed, and the locks of virginity are sealed. For inasmuch as a womb unfruitful and deadened for purposes of childbirth, brought forth unexpectedly a fair fruit, by that very fact the incorruptibility of virginity is assured, and the miraculous pregnancy is heralded by manifest deeds. To be sure, birth without a man is a marvellous thing, as is the preservation of virginity after the delivery; but a barren woman, made fruitful in her old age and giving birth, also surpasses the laws of nature, and heralds the Virgin's giving birth, for the sake of which this miracle is wrought. Homily IX: The Birth of the Virgin, St. Photius, Patriarch of Constantinople

`O mystery brought about on earth!' After the birth Anna prayed To our God and Maker Who knows all in advance `Thou hast heard me, O Lord, as Thou hast heard Hannah who was accused by Eli of being drunk. She promised Samuel after his birth to the Lord To become a priest. Just as formerly, Thou hast given me, too, a gift, The barren woman gives birth to the Mother of God, And the nurse of our life. St Romanos the Melodist - Vol. 2, On the Nativity of the Virgin Mary

Redeeming the Time

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