Gleanings from Orthodox Christian Authors and the Holy Fathers


Joseph has a fine crown because he struggled According to the rules of temperance. For in guarding his love of chastity, he preferred to be stripped of his outer cloak And as crowned victor receive a marvelous glory. The Egyptian woman attacked him as a terrible fox attacks the vine, Hoping to harvest all the grapes But taking possession only of the leaves. On high the angels rejoiced with Joseph, the virtuous; Down below the demons lamented with the unrighteous woman. He abandoned his cloak In order to keep his sense of innocence unsullied. The raving woman clothed herself with shame, And indecently divested herself of modesty, The wise man is honored with deserved glory, Since he fled from great sin Because the eye that never sleeps observes all things. St Romanos the Melodist - On Joseph II

Redeeming the Time

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