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Let all of us attempt to meet in the life above. To struggle so that we are paid. REF:Blessed Fr. Dimitrios Gagastathis +1975

Do not be despondent when fighting against the incorporeal enemy, but even in the midst of your afflictions and oppression praise the Lord, Who has found you worthy to suffer for Him, by struggling against the subtlety of the serpent, and to be wounded for Him at every hour; for had you not lived piously, and endeavored to become united to God, the enemy would not have attacked and tormented you. St. John of Kronstadt.

If thou art a Christian, no earthly city is thine. Of our City 'the Builder and Maker is God.' Though we may gain possession of the whole world, we are withal but strangers and sojourners in it all! We are enrolled in Heaven: our citizenship is there! Let us not, after the manner of little children, despise things that are great, and admire those which are little. St. John Chrysostom.

In all your works, either at home or at the place of your service, do not forget that all your strength, your light and your success are in Christ and His Cross; therefore, do not fail to call upon the Lord before beginning any work, saying: Jesus, help me! Jesus, enlighten me! Thus your heart will be supported and warmed by lively faith and hope in Christ, for His is the power and glory unto ages of ages. St. John of Kronstadt (My Life in Christ: Part 1, Holy Trinity Monastery pg. 74)

Knowing, therefore, that "as we brought nothing into the world, so we can carry nothing out,"(2) let us arm ourselves with the armor of righteousness;(3) and let us teach, first of all, ourselves to walk in the commandments of the Lord. Next, [teach] your wives [to walk] in the faith given to them, and in love and purity tenderly loving their own husbands in all truth, and loving all [others] equally in all chastity; and to train up their children in the knowledge and fear of God. Teach the widows to be discreet as respects the faith of the Lord, praying continually(4) for all, being far from all slandering, evil-speaking, false-witnessing, love of money, and every kind of evil; knowing that they are the altar s of God, that He clearly perceives all things, and that nothing is hid from Him, neither reasonings, nor reflections, nor any one of the secret things of the heart. The Epistle Of Polycarp To The Philippians(1)

Let the young men also be blameless in all things, being especially careful to preserve purity, and keeping themselves in, as with a bridle, from every kind of evil. For it is well that they should be cut off from(12) the lusts that are in the world, since "every lust warreth against the spirit; "(13) and "neither fornicators, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, shall inherit the kingdom of God,"(14) nor those who do things inconsistent and unbecoming. The Epistle Of Polycarp To The Philippians(1)

Your Lord is Love: love Him and in Him all men, as His children in Christ. Your Lord is a fire: do not let your heart be cold, but burn with faith and love. Your Lord is light: do not walk in darkness of mind, without reasoning or understanding, or without faith. Your Lord is a God of mercy and bountifulness: be a source of mercy and bountifulness to your neighbors. If you will be such, you will find salvation yourself with everlasting glory. St. John of Kronstadt (My Life in Christ: Part 1, Holy Trinity Monastery pg. 73)

“Let the eye look on no evil thing, and it has become a sacrifice; let your tongue speak nothing filthy, and it has become an offering; let your hand do no lawless deed, and it has become a whole burnt offering … Let us then from our hands and feet and mouth and all other members, yield a first-fruit to God.” St. John Chrysostom

Thirst for Jesus, so that he may fill you to overflowing with His love. Blind your eyes to all that is held in honor in the world, so that you may be held worthy to have the peace which comes from God reign in your heart. Fast from the attractions that make the eyes glitter, in order that you may become worthy of spiritual joy. If your way of life is unworthy of God, then do not ask Him for glorious things, otherwise, you will appear as someone who tempts God. Prayer conforms strictly with behavior. St Isaac of Nineveh

Redeeming the Time

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