The First Sigillion, 1583 against the Papal Calendar

by Jeremiah, Archbishop of Constantinople

The Orthodox church has anathematized the New Calendar

Jeremiah, by the Grace of God Archbishop of Constantinople - New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch

Since the church of ancient Rome, which, as if glad for the vanity of its astronomers, inctuously changed most beautiful canons on Holly Pasha and calendar, followed by Christians, and which were established and entered by 318 Holy Fathers of the First Holy and Ecumenical council in Nicea, respected by the Christians of all countries and by which they celebrated - for that reason abomination occurred. Before our Modesty Armenian people stood, asking about the practice of celebration, since they as well are being forced to accept these novelties.

That is why we had to say what Holy Fathers established. Our Modesty, considering this issue, together with the Most blessed Patriarch of Alexandria and the Most blessed Patriarch of Jerusalem and other Synod members, in the Holy Spirit, clarifying what on this subject the Holy Fathers decided, decrees:

Declared in 1583rd year since the Logos incarnate, November 20th, indict 12.

Jeremiah of Constantinople, Sylvester of Alexandria, Sofrony of Jerusalem and other Synod Hierarchs.

Holy Synod resolution with epitima:

Who does not fallow the Church traditions on Holy Pasha and calendar the way they were handed to us by the Seven Holy Ecumenical councils, which established them for us to follow, but wants to follow Gregorian Pascha and Calendar, he - since, like the godless astronomers, is confronting all the Holy Synod decrees and wants to change or weaken them - Anathema on him, removal from the Church of Christ and gathering of believers.

You, orthodox and blessed Christians dwell in what you were thought, in what you were born and in what you were reared, and when necessary your blood you would spill to save holy fathers faith and confession; protect yourselves and be on guard from these, and let our Lord Jesus Christ help you and the prayer of our Modesty be with you. Amen.

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