"Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself"
Elisabeth Williams
“Love thy neighbor as thyself”
  We think we do this;
  we divide a pie evenly,
  we take turns talking,
  we don't always go first,
  we don't hit if we'd rather not be hit back-
But do we really?
    We defend ourselves so loyally
       -but when another is being accused we think ‘it’s good for him’
    We ourselves are so imperfect
       -but we expect perfection from others
    We get mad when someone is grouchy
       -but we never stop to think of why they're grouchy (which we expect everyone to do for us)
    We spend all our money on ourselves
       -and rarely a penny falls to our neighbor
    We talk for hours about our neighbors
       -but when do we tell about everything we ever did wrong?
    We try to cry for our sins
       -but when do we weep for another’s?