Introductory Letter

Children of the Church: A Traditional Orthodox Newsletter was started in fall of 1998 with the blessing of his Grace Bishop Gabriel. It is a quarterly publication with a variety of articles: lives of saints, articles on upcoming feasts, sermons by our holy hierarchs, quotes from the saints, miracle-working icons, prayers, poems, and various other things from which we hope the youth will benefit and enjoy. Submissions are welcomed and strongly encouraged. Any contributions are greatly appreciated; please submit both those things you write and those things you find, as well as your comments and suggestions for COTC.

Even before the idea of producing Children of the Church occurred to us, we had thought that it would be a wonderful thing to have a newsletter entirely for and written by Orthodox youth. We believe there is a great need for such a thing, and it is our hope that Children of the Church can fulfill this need.

First, why do we believe there is a great need for a newsletter for and by Orthodox youth? One reason is simply that there is not much available specifically for the youth of the Church, but the reasons go deeper than that. Many of the Orthodox youth of today feel isolated and alone. We are here in the midst of modern America, surrounded by a culture that's not Christian, and where we are pressured to be "like everyone else". It's hard to be pious Orthodox Christians in such a society. It's hard to be different: to fast, pray, attend services, and be considered weird by others. We know that it's important to stay by the church, but we also know that it can be difficult. It helps to know that we're not alone; there are many others like us out there. We want this newsletter to help the youth of the Church feel connected and part of the Church body as a whole, to allow the youth to be able to express their concerns and feelings--both among themselves and with others, to instruct and educate them in the traditions, practices, symbolism, and meanings of the Orthodox Faith, and to provide edifying articles on various aspects of Orthodoxy. In short, we want this newsletter to help the youth learn about the Holy Orthodox Church through the wisdom of the Church Fathers and how to live a pious life.

As Orthodox young people, we are the future of the Church. It is important that we learn as much as possible about the truth of the Holy Orthodox Faith, our heritage and traditions and the necessity of holding fast to this pearl of great price, the Church, that we have been granted. In this way the Church will remain strong and we, the future generation of Orthodoxy, will have the needed strength to hold unwaveringly to the Church and follow our dear Lord and Saviour even unto death.

Thank you so very much for your interest and support.

With love in Christ,

Staff of COTC

The following is a list of goals that we hope to fulfill through this ministry: