Fighting for your Orthodox Faith
Katherine Lukianov

When we were sent down onto this earth, by our Lord Jesus Christ, we were to fulfill only two tasks- to act as an Orthodox Christian and to pass Jesus' word to others.

Many would think that this is a simple, one-day job, and to be free for the rest of their lives. Well, they are wrong, because if Jesus knew that it would take only one day to fulfill this task, He would have told us more to do.

By doing this task, we must humbly fight for our faith, wherever we go. When I went to this year's 20th annual St. Herman's conference (in Cleveland), I heard a young girl share, out loud, her thoughts. She said," I am very jealous of young students who have the opportunity to go to schools, because I had a chance to be home-schooled by my parents. This is unfortunate for me, because I am not able to stand up and fight for my Orthodox faith in the public schools."

I am sure this affected other students, besides myself. The humbleness this young girl had was totally shocking to my friends and I. I suggest other readers to take up an example after her, and to stand-up for their faith, because if we do not, then we are not fulfilling God's task on earth.

Katherine Lukianov is the 13-year-old daughter of Fr. Deacon Serge Lukianov. Her parish is St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Lakewood, NJ.