Letter from the Editors

Dear COTC Subscribers,

We have had a tremendous response to our plea for more submissions in the last issue. The number of people who have expressed their enjoyment of COTC and willingness to help keep it alive has been very encouraging - we thank you all so very much!! We’ve had about a dozen articles, reviews, columns, etc promised, and all these writings will be a great help. However, only a few of these articles have actually been received yet...Please, we beg you to really write and send the articles you’ve promised! All the ideas are great, but we need the actual writings for it to really be of any help. Also, please keep ‘em comin’, so that COTC can continue to be filled with your wonderful submissions. Remember, COTC can’t continue at all without you!

If you’d like to write an article but can't seem to come up with any topic ideas, let us know - we have a whole list is subject suggestions to get your creative juices flowing. Please, don’t let the lack of a topic stop you! Always feel free to respond to or comment on any article in COTC, as well.

Please also remember to keep your eyes open for articles from other sources which would go well in COTC - original material is our favorite, but we’re eager to have other articles as well.

Another note: Nathan Williams will be leaving shortly for seminary at Holy Trinity Monastery - about the same time this issue goes out - and so he will no longer be able to continue on our staff. Nathan - heartfelt thanks to you for all your efforts over the past year and a half; you've been an excellent fellow editor. Best wishes for seminary!

Almost all of the wonderful illustrations in this issue of COTC are the work of Paul Drozdowski. A special thanks to you, Paul, for these drawings and your support! Your beautiful artistry never ceases to amaze un-artistic me.

May God bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine upon you and have mercy on you!

In Christ,
Christina Holland
COTC Editor