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What are the Lives of the Saints? Behold, we are in Paradise, in which everything which is Divine, holy, immortal, eternal, righteous, true, and evangelical grows and increases. For by the Cross in every one of the Saints, the tree of eternal, Divine, immortal life blossomed and brought forth much fruit. And the Cross leads to heaven; it leads even us after the thief, who for our encouragement entered Paradise first after the All-Holy Divine Cross-bearer - the Lord Christ - and entered with a cross of repentance.
+St. Justin Popovich

The Prologue from Ochrid
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Young people must be made to distinguish between helpful and injurious knowledge, keeping clearly in mind the Christian's purpose in life. So, like the athlete or the musician, they must bend every energy to one task, the winning of the heavenly crown.
+ St. Basil the Great


If the soul is not clothed with the teachings of the Church, it cannot have Jesus enthroned inside it.
+ St Jerome
Orthodox Books
What books do you read? Read religious books.
+ St. Raphael of Lesvos
Orthodox Music

With melody ["sweet singing"], the Church adds depth to what is spoken, through which the music reveals, to the extent possible, the message within the text. It is with this relish, as if with sweet meats, that savor is imparted to the food of lessons.
+ St Gregory of Nyssa


The saints, during their earthly life, are filled with the grace of the Holy Spirit. After their departure the same grace remains in their souls as in their bodies. The very same grace is present and active in their images and icons.
+ St. John of Damascus

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