Announcements for May 11/24 2020

" Christ is risen!" /  "Pra  Chris  Song  Phun  Kun  Cheeb  Laow."  "Truly, He is risen!" / "Song Phun Kun Cheeb, Pen Kwam Jing."


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Look at our newly expanded church! We can now allow 25 people to sign up for each Liturgy, and may God grant that that number increases in coming weeks - Glory to God!


Work is progressing on both the church and the hall, and we hope that the expansion and renovation will be complete when we are finally able to all gather together here.


In the next three Saturdays which precede Pentecost, we will have a baptism every Saturday, after liturgy. Next week, James (Jeff) Agapia (Amy), and Joanna (Jo Jo) will be baptized, and the next weekend Panteleimon (Eddie) will be baptized, and on the next weekend, the day before Pentecost, Jon will be baptized. The plan is for the catechumens to attend the Saturday liturgy, and then be baptized afterwards, and then attend the Saturday evening service and have communion for the first time at the Sunday liturgy.


On Pentecost, we plan -- God willing! -- to hold two Liturgies, one in the church and one in the hall, so that many more people can attend. Mark your calendars and stay tuned!


For now, please continue to sign up for services using our link. This week we will have Liturgy on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with evening services the evening before each. If you are able to attend the liturgy on a day other than Sunday, out of consideration to others, please sign up for that liturgy. It may be that we can accommodate everyone in one week, or it might take two weeks. We still must be patient. It is our hope that, as much as possible, whole families will attend together.

To sign up:



You must observe 6' distancing from everybody who does not live in the same house. This is a state requirement if we wish to remain open. Please be diligent! Parents, please do everything you can to keep your children close.

If you have COVID-like symptoms or are in contact with somebody who does, do not attend.

If you are in an at-risk group, please do not attend.

You are not required to wear a mask but you may if that is your desire.

You should prepare for the Liturgy by attending at least some portion of the evening service on the prior day, unless this is completely impossible. If you wish to commune and cannot attend the previous evening service, you must arrange this in advance with the serving priest.

If you wish to receive Holy Communion, you should confess in advance and prepare as usual.

Catechumens and non-Orthodox family members are welcome and encouraged to sign up and attend.


Service Schedule:




Stream? Zoom? Links/Credentials



Vigil - Ascension




Divine Liturgy - Ascension








Divine Liturgy (priest Seraphim)




Baptism: James, Agapia, Joanna




Vigil – 7th  Sunday of Pascha



Liturgy– 7th  Sunday of Pascha (Priest Nicholas)


We do a Mitey Mites collection every week. There are more challenges now, since the church is closed to the public, but we are still collecting every week for the extreme needs that are becoming more pressing every day. This week, we are collecting for: furniture for the parish hall. We need many tables, and chairs.


We have set up a PayPal link which allows you to  donate to our Mitey Mites Cause of the week. Any money collected through this link in the next 6 days will be applied to this week’s collection.

If the link above doesn’t work, you can enter this URL:


Many years!

Patriarch Kyrill, Emelia, Irina (birthday), newly Illumined Panteleimon



End of This Week’s Announcements